The Puppet Master

This game was developed at MediaLab Prado Madrid for the GameJam Madrid 2012. Inspired on the idea of the Mechanical Turk the team designs and develops a homeostatic membrane for the digital façade in MediaLab Prado Madrid. It allows a fluently interaction between the people in the public space, that is the outddoor square, and the people in the private space, that controls the application inside the lab. In this way The Puppet Master creates a fluently bidirectional communication that forces the player that controls the machine to adapt dinamically to the behaviours of the users in the square to continue playing.

It arises as a response against the classical individualism of videogames, going back to tradicional and role games that require at least two people on each side to play, where one of those is the master that proposes different activities, games, effects and the rest decide whether to follow the instructions proposed.

The Puppet Master is a project that aims at fusing the public and private spaces in a funny, interactive and colaborative manner.

This project won a special mention from the Global GameJam Madrid 2012 board members.

This project got a mention in GameJam Madrid, 2012

Idea, design and development: Joan Mora Guiard, Victor Diaz Barrales & José María Blanco
Project developed at Global GameJam Madrid 2012, in MediaLab Prado Madrid
Project develoment: 28.1.2012 – 30.1.2012
Special thanks to: Gabriel Lucas & MediaLab Prado.
Tasks: concept, game design and coding.
Fotos & Video: Victor Diaz Barrales
Prizes: Special Mention Global GameJam Madrid 2012