The Pingus Plasticine Experience

Is a game based on the Pingus, open version of The Lemmings, a classic puzzle video game. The point of the game is to guide the larger number of characters to the exit of the map, avoiding dangerous elements such as ditches, lava, water, tramps, etc.

Through an augmented reality platform, users can play and modify the scenarios, using plasticiline of different colors as an interface to guide the lemmings to safety. In addition, the maps are made entirely of paper, enabling participants to quickly and freely design their own scenarios or play with them instantaneously and exchange them with other people.

The project has been presented in different events and conferences such as Medialab Prado (SPA) and the International Conference on Interaction Design and Children.

Piplex gameplay is based in two main elements that the users can model and manipulate for playing the game: plasticine and cardboard. Both elements have specific functions according to the attributes of the materials on the screen.

In Piplex, the player does not intervene in the character (i.e. by giving it properties and powers) but in the layout, by adding pieces of different materials to connect blocks or modify their properties. The use of cardboard and plasticine will open to potentially infinite options of shapes and colours.