Project description

artificial vision, collective, fluids, football, inmersive environment, museum, parallel processing, videogame

Grêmio FC Porto Alegre

ETC Inventions developed the interactive software for an inmersive environment for the Gremio Football Club museum.
The software took two different parts:

  • The artificial recognition for the users: we process the video from 6 cameras simoultaneously in real-time to extract the sillouette, that is projected over the walls and the floor of the room.
  • The interactive visuals: Media Flow provided us the designed pieces, and we create the interactive visuals to make the public interact with the installation.

The final result is an inmersive environment where the application is projected in four surrounding walls and the floor, giving the impression to the user that is absolutely inmersed in a another reality: an authentic football nature.

…pictures of the inmersive space… coming soon…