Chema Blanco

José María (aka Chema) Blanco holds an M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid, M.Sc. in Media and Knowldege Engineering from University of Technology of Delft (Holland) and a M.Sc. in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).

His professional carrer started as international consultant in Tango04 (Barcelona), implanting monitoring solutions for Dia (Greece & Turkey), Echevarne Laboratories (Barcelona) or Aguas de Cartagena (Colombia). Then he moved to the Pompeu Fabra University within the group SPECS where he was researching on biomimetic robots and artificial olfaction for the European NEUROCHEM project developing an autonomous demining system. Afterwards he collaborated with PingPong Technologies designing and developing interactive installations in projects such as Campus La Moraleja BBVACentro de Interpretación del Cava Sant Sadurní d’AnoiaEl Pósito de Linares (Jaén)Museo del Futbol Club Barcelona Vestas (Madrid) Berska (Marineda, Coruña) Bershka (Sibuya, Tokio). He also collaborates in non-commercial projects such as Don’t Kill your Idols, The Puppet Master, The Pingus Plasticine Experience within the collective Plastic Interaction and more recently CityCamp with the Procomun work group within MediaLab Prado Madrid.

His interests comprise the development of humanistic technologies: useful technologies for human beings from a user-centered perspective. He thinks that every human experience responses to a personal inner narrative so it is essential to understand human nature to design artificial systems that suit people’s needs, provoke them, break their expectations and eventually make them learn. Therefore, in every installation the content must be coherently supported by its media. This is the reason of his transdisciplinary education, training and experience where engineering, technology development, psychology, literature, neuroscience, robotics, design and human computer interactions are tightly combined to improve his work every single day.

Nowadays he is one of the founders of Etc Inventions where ideas become real experiences.

POSITION: Project Manager
EXPERTISE: Interaction design
MORE: Data Visualization, Discourse, electronics, Management, Software developer
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